Advertising, Writing and almost everything else under the sun. Possibly some things over it as well.



Imagine waking up one day, only to realize your entire life has been one groundhog day, expect that you don’t get the benefit of not aging like Bill Murray did. A feeling like that is what made me start this blog.

The Name

Coming up with a name was the roadblock that fueled by laziness to not start a blog till now. And after chewing up a better part of the cap of my pen, and coming up with my own physical tag cloud (Yes! This happened), I came with one that would be incomprehensible to most. Well, here’s what happened (As Adrian Monk would say)

I listed down the topics I wanted to write about. And at the very top came advertising and writing. I do not work in the field of advertising, nor am I educated in the intricate workings of that industry. But, if my father is to be trusted, it is a field I was interested in from the age of 3 or 4. The sound of advertisements would attract me towards the TV, even if I am in some other room,doing something else.

And writing. It was in 2011 that I accidentally discovered my ability to put words on paper. By entering a story writing contest on an impulse and writing whatever came to my mind then, and winning a prize, I discovered the writer in me. So then I did what I do whenever such events of fortune appear. Nothing at all.

So here I am pursuing those very traits once again, under the names of two Williams who pioneered in both these fields. William Bernbach was one of the pioneer forces in advertising. What made me choose him was his decision to stick to good advertisements, even if bad ones sold more products (Yes I’m looking at you, Mr. Whipple).

And I’m sure Mr. Shakespeare needs no introduction.

Well, that’s that. So read on, fellow traveler.


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